All Join In…

A lovely giveaway by Hannah Davis of NYAC. Who wouldn’t want to win these lovely gifts, especially the hand made crochet bowl?

To enter in this giveaway, you must do all of the following:

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Here’s the link…  I keep my promises — it’s giveaway time!.

Good Luck!

So Many Ends

I’m delighted to report that I’ve almost finished my Funfair crocheted blanket. I decided to create my own edging border even though I really like the one Hannah used in her ‘crochet along’ Stripey Blanket, the pattern I’ve followed diligently until the edge. I did as many crocheters do and as Hannah constantly reminded… crocheted over my ‘ends’ so that I wouldn’t have the laborious task of sewing them all in once it was complete. However, when I’d finished I really didn’t like the appearance of some of them and decided they would look better woven in with a wool needle so most of them were released and have had a few days of freedom floating around at the edge of the blanket. Almost half have been recaptured and I’m much happier with the result. I think the problem was where the pattern created a more open effect and the blanket has been moved around during its creation the ends just didn’t lay flat and visually they jumped out at me.

In the process of finding a new home for Funfair Blanket, I intend to raise funds for my favourite charity… Sense.  So what do I do? Auction it online, auction it at an event, raffle it? All ideas welcomed.

I happened to have the unfinished blanket with me at a Sense event at the weekend…

Windfall Apple Cake

As mentioned in a recent post I have an abundance of apples overhanging my garden from neighbouring trees. We’ve just had some rain after a long, hot, dry spell so I’m trying to resist picking them yet as I think they’ll swell in size if left a little longer.  It’s a real balancing act though because I do want to pick them before they fall and become bruised. In the meantime I’m collecting those that have dropped sooner, most of which seem to have some insect damage or slight disease which can be cut away making them perfect for my Windfall Apple Cake which uses chopped apple. It is delicious and can be baked in a loaf tin or round cake tin.  I tend to use the loaf tin if it’s to be served as a slice of cake with tea or coffee and a round tin if I’m serving it warm as a dessert with cream, ice cream, creme fraiche or custard. The landscapers working on my garden have been enjoying it freshly baked, and still warm from the oven, for their afternoon tea break the past few days, They must like it, today I suggested making Lemon Drizzle Cake for them but they politely asked if they could have the Apple Cake!

Warm from the oven

Pink and Bubbly

This post isn’t about making anything but I just feel as though I want to share a very special day.

A former colleague, a very lovely lady, died a few days ago… it was her funeral today. Not the sort of day to look forward to but in her usual, inimitable style she made me feel uplifted. The instructions were to wear pink; not surprising really as she was all things pink and even had pink highlights in her hair.  The hearse was bright pink and the Conductor walking in front was a pretty young woman wearing a bright pink coat. The wicker coffin, adorned with stargazer lilies and pink ribbons, was dressed with a pretty pink parasol as it was placed in the church. The service and hymns were beautiful with a friend and a colleague speaking very eloquently about this kind, friendly and vivacious lady. After the committal we were all invited to attend the wake.  The venue was decorated with pink flowers and balloons and there was a lovely buffet which included cakes decorated with pink icing and sparkles and all present were offered pink champagne to toast this lovely lady who had organised every single detail herself for her friends and family.

I feel sad, but I just can’t help smiling!

Flying Fingers

Well I don’t know of a funfair ride called ‘Flying Fingers’ but it seemed an apt title for this latest post about my Funfair Blanket. I joined in notyouraveragecrochet CAL on the 15th August. I think at that time 12 weeks of the project had been published and this weekend I completed the latest installment of Week 15. That’s 15 weeks in 24 days so you can see my fingers have been flying!

Week 15... all rows so far

Week 15… all rows so far

At the time of starting my blanket I was visiting my Mum who is working through a mountain of yarn donated by a friend who can no longer use it. She’s selling what she produces to raise funds for charity or donating the completed items to charity shops.  I thought I would help her, so we gathered together a selection of similar weight yarns and ended up with 13 bright colours.  Mum lives in a seaside town complete with beach-side amusements and a funfair and driving past the funfair I commented that it was as colourful as my bag of yarn so it has become my ‘Funfair Blanket’.

It’s Been a Long Time

I really should be doing something else right now but that’s exactly what I’ve said each time I’ve thought about updating this blog…  I feel a fraud talking about ‘updating’ when I’ve barely started… but if I continue in this vein I’ll never post anything. It doesn’t help that I don’t feel very confident about how WordPress works.  I know there are tutorials etc out there and I have started working through one but I forget what I’ve read by the time I want to put it into practice!

Week 6 1

Anyway I have been busy making all kinds of things from Christmas Angel Dolls (last year’s gifts) to celebration cakes, as well as getting on with everyday life.  I’m currently working on a CAL by notyouraveragecrochet using up yarn donated to my Mum. I’ve posted a couple of photos of my ‘Funfair Blanket’ which is still a work in progress. Week 6 2

It’s all about communication

Almost ready to become a communication board…

This is why I had to dash off earlier.  With the help of my trusty Singer 320K, I was in the middle of sewing strips of Velcro hook onto some strong, bright red drill fabric which is going to cover a large board.

You see, my son is deafblind and his communication is supported by ‘objects of reference’ (OoR) also known as ‘objects of significance’ (OoS).  These are tactile symbols which represent words.  Now these symbols, lets refer to them as OoR, need a home, they need to be easily accessible and easy to identify and the solution is a large board with Velcro hook strips to which the OoR can be attached.  I have some self adhesive Velcro loop which can be stuck onto each OoR so it will readily attach itself to the hook.  This board has been designed with pairs of Velcro strips so a label identifying each OoR can also be attached.  He is used to his OoR and so are those people who work with him on a regular basis but having the labels means he can communicate with a wider circle of people.  It’s also helpful when new people begin to work with him.

Once the board is covered and in use I’ll post another photo –  if anyone is baffled by what I’ve already written, hopefully it will help to clarify what I mean.  Like the title of this post says… “it’s all about communication” and I’ve probably not done a very good job here!

Hello World!

Please bear with me, I’m new to blogging but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it quite quickly once I get started.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for some time now.  I love to keep my hands busy so I’m always working on some project or other and enjoy reading about what other people do too.  I hope you might enjoy sharing in my activities.  And what are they you may well ask…

I’ll have to come back and fill you in as I’ve run out of time for the moment!  Hey, but at least I’ve made a start.