Flying Fingers

Well I don’t know of a funfair ride called ‘Flying Fingers’ but it seemed an apt title for this latest post about my Funfair Blanket. I joined in notyouraveragecrochet CAL on the 15th August. I think at that time 12 weeks of the project had been published and this weekend I completed the latest installment of Week 15. That’s 15 weeks in 24 days so you can see my fingers have been flying!

Week 15... all rows so far

Week 15… all rows so far

At the time of starting my blanket I was visiting my Mum who is working through a mountain of yarn donated by a friend who can no longer use it. She’s selling what she produces to raise funds for charity or donating the completed items to charity shops.  I thought I would help her, so we gathered together a selection of similar weight yarns and ended up with 13 bright colours.  Mum lives in a seaside town complete with beach-side amusements and a funfair and driving past the funfair I commented that it was as colourful as my bag of yarn so it has become my ‘Funfair Blanket’.

6 thoughts on “Flying Fingers

  1. Well done you, I think you can definitely claim to have flying fingers!

  2. Week 16 has just been published… hurrah! Flexing my fingers in readiness.

  3. […] for anyone who has not joined yet remember it is never to late to join in, my sister at happy to make you joined at week number 12 and has now caught up with the current […]

  4. It’s beautiful. There’s a few stitches there I’m intending to try myself!

  5. Thank you. I would recommend following the CAL, without it I would never have tried some of these stitches as they didn’t particularly appeal to me, how wrong was I! By the way, I love your patchwork chair, you’ve got the colour and pattern mix so right (in my humble opinion). Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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