Apple Blush


Both my neighbours have apple trees which overhang my garden and this year have fruited so well.  I’ve been baking my favourite apple cake for the landscapers working on our garden but need to decide what else to do with them.  Any ideas? Favourite recipes?

6 thoughts on “Apple Blush

  1. Sorry, no recipes to offer, just love your photos! Must be a lovely garden you overlook …

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I’m new to blogging and yours is my first connection from someone I don’t already know! Hurrah, I feel as though I should offer you a slice of warm apple cake, fresh, moist and lightly steaming… just out of the tin!

  2. Oooh yes, the Hamlyn recipe… haven’t made that for years!

  3. And how about setting a cored apple on a circle of pastry filling the centre with golden syrup then wrapping the pastry around the whole apple. Do you remember Mum used to make them when we were little, I think it might have been suet pastry. Love the new refurbished blog too.

  4. Thank you. When you commented last night, I didn’t realise I had accidentally changed it! 😦 It looked very strange, you must’ve wondered what I was doing.

    Yes, they were apple dumplings… I think. We used to ask for extra syrup to spoon over them, yum!

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