Pink and Bubbly

This post isn’t about making anything but I just feel as though I want to share a very special day.

A former colleague, a very lovely lady, died a few days ago… it was her funeral today. Not the sort of day to look forward to but in her usual, inimitable style she made me feel uplifted. The instructions were to wear pink; not surprising really as she was all things pink and even had pink highlights in her hair.  The hearse was bright pink and the Conductor walking in front was a pretty young woman wearing a bright pink coat. The wicker coffin, adorned with stargazer lilies and pink ribbons, was dressed with a pretty pink parasol as it was placed in the church. The service and hymns were beautiful with a friend and a colleague speaking very eloquently about this kind, friendly and vivacious lady. After the committal we were all invited to attend the wake.  The venue was decorated with pink flowers and balloons and there was a lovely buffet which included cakes decorated with pink icing and sparkles and all present were offered pink champagne to toast this lovely lady who had organised every single detail herself for her friends and family.

I feel sad, but I just can’t help smiling!

2 thoughts on “Pink and Bubbly

  1. What a lovely goodbye this lovely lady left for all her friends.

  2. I’ve just looked up the details of the funeral directors and everything has fallen into place. I can see how it was possible for my friend to have such a caring, feminine funeral and the smallest details fulfilled to the letter. It is a small female-run company

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