Happy to Meet You

Thank you for calling in on me, I guess if you’ve clicked through to this page you might just want to know a little about me…

My original inspiration for making things was my Mum.  My young parents had little spare cash so, armed with a child’s toy, hand-operated, sewing machine…

I’ve found an image of one exactly the same

Vulcan Sewing Machine

…knitting needles and crochet hooks Mum busied herself sewing and knitting clothes, mainly for me and occasionally for herself and my Dad in between the weekly bake of bread, cakes and biscuits.  My sister was born in Singapore, the lifestyle was a bit easier and clothes were made by the local tailor; even so, Dad bought Mum the very latest electric sewing machine and I inherited the toy one at four years old. I learned to use it over time and experimented with making things for my dolls and bears.  A couple of years later, and back in England, I learnt to knit and produced a fawn and yellow striped scarf for my Granddad, I was six years old.  Mum taught me to bake, the old-fashioned way, before all the modern conveniences of gadgets.

My Dearly Loved Singer 320K

By the time I was twelve years old I had been taught and trusted to use Mum’s Singer 320K electric sewing machine and the Kenwood Chef food mixer and with the help of these had won the school sewing competition and the cooking competition. We lived in Germany at that time and I sewed a traditional costume of dirndl skirt, bodice, blouse and apron for a large doll and baked a coffee and walnut cake. I taught myself macrame and made belts for myself and my school-friends and hanging pot holders for anyone who wanted them.  I learnt to crochet, began creating my own jumper designs and made my first crocheted blanket. As I became older I remember buying a length of fabric on Saturday morning and wearing the dress I had created to go out that same night. I became more ambitious and ventured into tailoring with Vogue patterns, making most of my own clothes for a while and taught myself to ice and decorate cakes. I made my sister’s bridesmaid’s dresses and baked and decorated her royal-iced, rose-trimmed, three-tier wedding cake. I was heartbroken when my Mum traded in her Singer 320K sewing machine when I was in my twenties and after much pleading and cajoling persuaded the reluctant shopkeeper to sell it back to me.  I still love it and use it regularly! I had a creative gap as my working life developed but started again after becoming a stay-at-home mum when my first child was born very prematurely.  I added cross-stitching, ribbon embroidery, bead-weaving and micro-macrame to my skills.  I experienced a further creative gap as a busy mum with two children, the firstborn having special needs and requiring all my time, energy and stamina. Now I am no longer primary carer to my son and my daughter has more-or-less flown the nest I find myself with some time to indulge myself and start making again.

I would love to learn to paint with watercolours and to master the art of tatting.

One thought on “Happy to Meet You

  1. Wow!! You have lots of skills which is excellent 🙂 I want to learn to tat too but who knows when lol

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