It’s all about communication

Almost ready to become a communication board…

This is why I had to dash off earlier.  With the help of my trusty Singer 320K, I was in the middle of sewing strips of Velcro hook onto some strong, bright red drill fabric which is going to cover a large board.

You see, my son is deafblind and his communication is supported by ‘objects of reference’ (OoR) also known as ‘objects of significance’ (OoS).  These are tactile symbols which represent words.  Now these symbols, lets refer to them as OoR, need a home, they need to be easily accessible and easy to identify and the solution is a large board with Velcro hook strips to which the OoR can be attached.  I have some self adhesive Velcro loop which can be stuck onto each OoR so it will readily attach itself to the hook.  This board has been designed with pairs of Velcro strips so a label identifying each OoR can also be attached.  He is used to his OoR and so are those people who work with him on a regular basis but having the labels means he can communicate with a wider circle of people.  It’s also helpful when new people begin to work with him.

Once the board is covered and in use I’ll post another photo –  if anyone is baffled by what I’ve already written, hopefully it will help to clarify what I mean.  Like the title of this post says… “it’s all about communication” and I’ve probably not done a very good job here!